Announcing a new arrival to the Willoughby household------4 lbs. of mischief-----CASPER!!!!!

Formerly known as Leonard- Born June 22, 2018

Adoption day at River Cities Humane Society for Cats--10-03-2018
MR. CURIOUS 11-20-2018
Going to Pepaw's takes a very long time 10-26-2018
We made it!!!! 10-26-2018
I love my toys! 11-3-18
Action shot 10-15-2018
Sleeping with mom and dad 10-13-2018
Going to the camp 10-6-2018
Feeling contented in my new home 10-5-2018
Previous pictures 10-4-2018
I'm trying to make this webpage
Mr. Innocent
Casper's mom
CLICK for :A Visit to the Cat Shelter