Announcing a new arrival to the Willoughby household------4 lbs. of mischief-----CASPER!!!!!

Formerly known as Leonard- Born June 22, 2018

Adoption day at River Cities Humane Society for Cats--10-03-2018

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Dad's fishing; I'm hanging out at the camp. 11-09-2019

Waiting for Pepaw to finish computing 9-25-2019

I am king of the world--at least at Pepaw's house 9-8-2019

Getting my stretches done before Mom needs her laptop!! 4-20-2019

I have my own office chair!! 4-18-2019

I had a rough day!!

You never know where you are going to find me!! Mom doesn't know how I did this without disturbing her bears! 3-31-2019

Enjoying the camp!! 3-16-2019

I love Mom's special blankie!! 3-24-2019

I'm almost as big as the table!! 3-22-2019

I'm getting to be a grownup!! 2-13-2019

Pepaw thinks I'm fun to play with!! 1-23-2019

Dad's practice run at making me a fun place!! 1-21-2019

Hanging Out in Rock Garage at Pepaw's-- Away from the Allergic People!! 1-6-2019

Up to No Good! 12-30-2018

Auntie Sally sent me a gift from England!! 12-29-2018

My New Bowtie! 12-28-2018

Dad brought me a new toy! 12-13-2018

Casper the Magnificent, also known as Mr. Marshmallow 12-11-2018

New favorite toy-velcro 11-23-2018

MR. CURIOUS 11-20-2018

At the Camp 11-2018
Going to Pepaw's takes a very long time ( 7 1/2 hours!) 10-26-2018

We made it!!!! 10-26-2018

I love my toys! 11-3-18

Action shot 10-15-2018

Sleeping with mom and dad 10-13-2018

Going to the camp 10-6-2018

Feeling contented in my new home 10-5-2018

Previous pictures 10-4-2018

I'm trying to make this webpage

Mr. Innocent

Casper's mom
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