We now have a new addition to the family-Duster. He adopted us in late March 2003. My gray cat Sylvester was not happy about the situation and kept a close eye on Duster. In September 2006 after 14 years of loving sweet Sylvester, he went to cat heaven leaving Duster as an only child.


Duster pushed everything off of the bottom shelf of our TV cabinet except a kitten puzzle.
I had to rescue Duster from the top of a freshly-cut tree, but he looked very handsome while he was up there!

Here are some other favorite photos! First--Duster when he first adopted us in 2003! He was a favorite of the nursery customers. Once he jumped into my arms when I was waiting on a customer. He was the neighbor's cat originally, but decided our house was nicer because we didn't have any dogs. We returned him twice, then the owner told us we could have him.

Sylvester doesn't want to let Duster in!

Sylvester was our most special cat. We adopted him when we moved to the country, and he was ours for 14 years.

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